PanamaCanal Zapatero

The wood used in the pen is 400+yr old Canal Zapatero wood salvaged from the “lost forest of Panama” found at a depth of 80 feet in Lake Gatun. The wood is dark reddish brown with medium but pronounced veined grain pattern, usually straight or interlocked; has moderate lustre which is overall rich & warm. The color & grain is very consistent. The Canal Zapatero wood is very hard & durable, naturally resistant to decay, funguses & termite attack; odourless & tasteless.

Nearly 100 years ago, in 1913, Theodore Roosevelt while building the Panama Canal created what was then the world’s largest man-made lake , by building a dam across the mighty Chagres River, & flooding an old growth jungle the size of Montreal. 97yrs later, this perfectly preserved tropical hardwood has been harvested from that underwater jungle.