Bermuda Cedar Special Grain Pen

Juniperus Bermudiana is the generic name of the variety of cedar tree indigenous to Bermuda. Ecological disaster struck in 1944 when oyster shell scale and juniper scale attacked the cedars. These parasites caused the unique Bird’s Eye “burl” to be formed in the wood. The unfortunate part is that within ten years 90% of the original cedars were dead. Newly planted trees are protected. Old stockpiled cedar represents the last of this treasure. Bermuda Cedar Root and Bermuda Bird’s Eye Cedar are more difficult to find therefore any item made from these are an Exclusive collectors item.

Can be purchased separately or in a set of his and hers. 

Bermuda Cedar Box

A handcrafted box made from 100+yr old Bermuda Cedar can be additionally purchased to gift with the pen. The box can be ordered in any one of the below styles: Dome shaped chest box, Flat top chest box, Barrel box (displayed in thepicture)