Bermuda Bird’s Eye Cedar OR Bermuda Cedar Root

 The wood used in the pen is 100+yr old Bird’s Eye Cedar, prized for its eye-catching, intricate grain.


The wood used in the pen is 100+yr old Bermuda Cedar Root.

Juniperus Bermudiana is the generic name of the variety of cedar tree indigenous to Bermuda which was growing most abundantly on the islands of Bermuda when they were discovered in the 14th century. Ecological disaster struck in 1944 when the oyster shell scale and the juniper scale, two parasites, attacked the cedars. These parasites caused the unique Bird’s Eye “burl” to be formed in the wood. The unfortunate part is that within ten years, 90% of the original cedars were dead. During the 1950s as many as 75,000 dead cedars were cut down & the wood stockpiled as re-forestation took place. Bermuda Cedar has become a rare treasure & is getting harder to find each year. Bermuda Cedar items that are sold are made from small pieces of old stockpiled wood & can only be made when such pieces become available to craftsmen. Because newly planted trees are protected, this old cedar represents the last of this treasure.

Bermuda Cedar has an exotic perfume aroma considered to be heavier & more complex than its North American cousins. The wood is also darker brown in colour. Today, Bermuda Cedar is considered to be the smell of affluence, a status symbol. Bermuda Cedar Roots are difficult to find & Bermuda Bird’s Eye Cedar is more difficult to find. Therefore any item made from Bermuda Cedar Root or Bermuda Bird’s Eye Cedar is a collectors’ item.


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